US Cybersecurity Companies

I’ve spent decades working to strengthen IT capabilities and federal cyberdefenses for organizations around the world. 

Since joining Forcepoint in 2017, I’ve overseen years of forward-looking innovation and unprecedented growth. This in turn has helped public sector and critical infrastructure organizations to improve their security postures with industry leading data and network security solutions.  Now, I’m thrilled to take on a new challenge as CEO of Everfox. 

The start of a new era. 

I’m proud to reveal our new name – Everfox. A fresh identity that reflects our company’s visions and aspirations. 

While the name is new, our team and dedication are certainly not. 

Everfox, formerly Forcepoint Federal, has been safeguarding the world’s most critical data, networks and digital assets from the most complex cyber threats for more than 25 years. 

Our expertise in developing and deploying defense-grade, high-assurance, cybersecurity products and services is unrivaled. And our commitment to our customers and the critical missions they serve cannot be matched.

What has changed, is the global cybersecurity landscape. As threats intensify organizations are facing more complex challenges to keep ahead. And we’re ready to meet that challenge. 

So, what next?

We’re ready to meet the new challenges of our ever-evolving industry and we’re doing this by: 

  • -Accelerating investment into our industry-leading solutions in cross domain, threat protection and insider risk technologies
    • -Deepening our relationships with global government, critical infrastructure and regulated industries
      • -Expanding our capabilities to protect even more of what matters most.

          Everfox is uniquely positioned to deliver the next generation of trusted, high assurance cybersecurity. 

          We’re here to help our customers take on their toughest cyber challenges. And we’re just getting started. 

          Strengthening our Team with Industry Leaders 

          As part of our future planning, we’ve already started investing heavily in our leadership team. 

          And we’re pleased to have welcomed: 

          Shaun Bierweiler (opens a new window) as our new Chief Revenue Officer (CRO)

          James Wallace (opens a new window)as our new Chief Legal Officer (CLO)

          Joseph Bell (opens a new window) as our new Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

          Trish Haney (opens a new window)as our new Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

          Shuan Bierweiler joined us in November 2023 and has more than 20 years of experience in the industry having worked at Riverbed, Cloudera, Hortonworks, Red Hat and Raytheon. His knowledge and experience will be essential in building customer relationships and driving growth. 

          In addition, James Wallace, with his deep cybersecurity intelligence, aerospace, and defense industry experience with Raytheon, Excelis, and ITT will be instrumental in shaping our path forward. No one is better equipped to read the regulatory landscape and prepare to adapt. 

          Joseph Bell, with his unique insight as an information and cybersecurity veteran at Verisign and Raytheon, will help us to ensure we’re ready to target and prevent today’s most cunning cyber-attacks. 

          In recent weeks Trish Haney has completed the new leadership team, bringing a wealth of experience to our business as we embark on a new journey as Everfox. Trish’s knowledge will help ensure we deliver upon our key strategic initiatives and growth ambitions. 

          Joseph Bell as our new Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) Shaun Bierweiler as our new Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) James Wallace as our new Chief Legal Officer (CLO) 

          Momentum into 2024 

          We’re going to continue to build our team across the entire organization in 2024, bringing together the best and brightest people to envision the road ahead. Together, we’ll conceive and construct the solutions and services required to defend the world’s most critical assets. 

          In addition, we’ll continue to expand like never before by doing what we do best: 

          • -Maintaining our unrelenting focus on customer success
            • -Delivering the most innovative and secure cross domain, threat protection, and insider risk solutions on the market
              • -Empowering critical organizations to use data safely, wherever and however they need it.

                The road ahead 

                To support these initiatives, we’ll look to expand into new areas, with technologies that fit into our approach to high assurance cybersecurity. This will enable us to provide existing customers with a broader mix of solutions, as well as serving more organizations who require the highest levels of security to enable mission success. 

                We’re also building new partnerships with technology leaders and industry peers to deliver greater customer value. 

                Our recently announced strategic partnership with Microsoft will integrate our industry-leading cross domain technology into Azure's cloud service offerings. Everfox and Microsoft will collaborate to develop new cloud products that ensure federal employees can access the information they need at the scale and velocity the mission requires. 

                This is the first of many such partnerships to come. 

                This is just the start 

                Our unfailing devotion to our customers and the critical missions they serve and our world-class approach to delivering high assurance capabilities differentiate us. We plan to set the standard for the Trusted, High Assurance cybersecurity market. 

                This is just the start of an incredible journey, and I can’t wait to see what we achieve next…