Malware evolves constantly. Your security should too.

Everfox Content Disarm & Reconstruction (CDR) solutions go beyond static access controls to truly transform your security. We offer security solutions to help organizations achieve Zero Trust goals - providing both inbound and outbound threat protection.

Everfox solutions support Governments, organizations and industries globally, at home, at secured facilities and at the tactical edge.

Why Choose Everfox CDR Solutions

Close-up of the face of a male security guard, security service, police officer, rescue service, who is negotiating with a wireless headset.

Digital content is the vector of choice for cyber criminals to use for malware attacks and exploits.

The essential everyday business requirement of downloading data, documents and images — or receiving uploaded content — opens users up to significant risk from attackers' intent on stealing the user’s credentials and/or compromising the endpoint device to gain access to the corporate network.

Everfox CDR eliminates file-based malware attacks by eliminating risks associated with downloading and uploading web documents and images. Our unique, trusted, and proven technology works by extracting the valid business information from files, verifying the extracted information is well-structured, and then building new, fully functional files to carry the information to its destination in near real-time.