Unprecedented protection for your insider risk program

Everfox Insider Risk Solutions is a User Activity Monitoring (UAM) and Analytics platform which drive improvements in your insider risk program. Giving analysts and investigators the right tools needed to collect, explore, and gain insight into risky behavior.

Improve your organization's security posture and readiness models with risk scoring, anomaly detection, and controls. As the threat landscape continues to evolve, security leaders are turning to Everfox Insider Risk Solutions.

Why Choose Everfox Insider Risk Solutions

  • Collection

    Collect behavioral data from channels such as web, file operations, keyboards and email.

  • Exploration

    Explore meaningful data using a powerful dashboard built for analysts, by analysts.

  • Insight

    Gain Insight with powerful analytics to understand and rapidly respond to risky behaviors before harmful events occur.

  • Leverage Governance to ensure the integrity and effectiveness of the insider inquiries, responses and processes.

  • Optimize Operations with centralized analyst audit, maintain privacy, and comply with best practices such as role-based access.