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Everfox is the only COTS developer with Access and Transfer solutions recognized by the US NCDSMO

As innovators in Cross Domain Solutions (CDS), Everfox serves government agencies across the globe by Connecting networks, that were previously deemed unconnectable. This enables easier collaboration, better mission decisions in real time, and faster innovation, whilst complying with the utmost security standards.

Everfox CDS are designed to support the unique and complex missions and objectives undertaken by those who protect national security. Everfox support thousands of government agencies and commercial users worldwide with solutions that deliver the utmost security for access and transfer of information.

Why Choose Everfox Cross Domain Solutions



Enable collaboration while complying with the most stringent security standards

Achieve breach-resilient, mission-safe architectural design that meets the U.S. Government's Raise-the-Bar requirements. Everfox is the leading COTS developer with Raise-the-Bar compliant solutions recognized by the NCDSMO. Our solutions are designed to meet or exceed extensive and rigorous security Assessment & Authorization (A&A) testing for simultaneous connections to various networks at different security levels. We enable you to attain the most stringent security to meet A&A and Raise-the-Bar guidelines or common criteria requirements.

Everfox CDS have a proven track record of proactively preventing organizations from compromise, with less hardware and overhead. Our Trusted Thin Client and High Speed Guard are among the widest deployed CDS within the DoD, IC, and Civilian Federal Government.