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Documents and images continue to be the vector of choice for cyber criminals to deliver malware, ransomware attacks and malicious exploits. From web browsing and email to portal uploads and social media. These files are routinely embedded with known, zero-day and even totally undetectable threats concealed in the files that governments and critical industries rely on every hour of the working day.

For years, addressing the challenge of concealed malware has involved attempting to detect it before it reaches the intended destination. Nevertheless, with each new detection method devised, attackers consistently outpace these efforts. Developing innovative ways to elude existing technologies. Employing highly evasive exploits, steganography, polymorphic, and poly-formatted files, the defenses of detection systems are falling behind.

Government and CNI Cybersecurity

Moving Away From Detection Based Cyber Defenses.

Imagine hearing “There’s a method to stop file-based malware before it even reaches your systems.” It sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? That’s because the cybersecurity industry has grown accustomed to detection-based solutions. Which are known for falling short in offering comprehensive data protection. This is why cybersecurity experts worldwide are shifting their focus to prevention-based cybersecurity technologies and solutions. However, the challenge lies in the fact that not many cybersecurity technologies currently provide prevention-based solutions.

Everfox’s Content Disarm & Reconstruction (CDR) technology operates without depending on detection to assess whether files and images carry potential threats. It doesn’t attempt to make educated guesses about the inherent nature of specific content being good or bad. Instead, CDR solutions place no trust in any content and increases the safety of everything by sending it through a distinctive process known as CDR transformation. This approach effectively neutralizes any potentially malicious content embedded in documents and images, offering robust protection against even zero-day attacks.

Regardless of the exploit or motive, CDR transforms all documents and files to be threat-free, eliminating the possibility of false positives, freeing up SOC teams. Moreover, Everfox CDR solutions achieve this level of security without compromising efficiency or hindering legitimate content. It’s a proactive approach to content disarm & reconstruction, that sets a new standard of safeguarding documents and images, allowing for a comprehensive defense against a wide range of potential threats. As a result, users can confidently interact with digital content, knowing that Everfox CDR has fortified their environment against malicious exploits or hidden dangers.

Redefine Cybersecurity without Compromise

In the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity, the pursuit of uncompromised security has become paramount. As threats continue to diversify and grow in sophistication, the need for innovative solutions that not only fortifies defenses but also increase operational efficiency has never been more crucial.

That’s why Everfox CDR transcends traditional security paradigms, offering a groundbreaking approach that redefines security without compromise.

Welcome to a new era of cybersecurity where compromise is not an option, and efficiency is elevated to unprecedented heights.

Elevate your security, preserve efficiency, explore Everfox CDR solutions now.