Cross Domain Solutions Drive Everfox Ahead

George Kamis
George Kamis
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Airforce Cybersecurity

An Interview with George Kamis, CTO, Everfox

George Kamis CTO of Everfox (formerly Forcepoint Federal), shares his thoughts on Everfox’s position in the Cross Domain market and future in the cyber industry. 

Where are you most excited to see Everfox leading in the cyber industry?

We are in a prime position with our Cross Domain Solutions software and hardware security products, allowing our customers to come to one place to meet all their Cross Domain Solution needs. Our Cross Domain Solutions are designed to support the most complex national security missions across the globe. Today, thousands of government agencies and commercial users worldwide rely on our solutions to deliver highly secure access and transfer of information. Cross Domain Solutions allow the connection of networks that are typically not allowed to connect – we connect the unconnectable. With Everfox's products, our customers can share and access information in a collaborative when and where they need to, without onerous logistical barriers. The results are better real-time mission decisions and faster innovation.

We can leverage our Cross Domain hardware product portfolio (to include FPGA and optical data separation) to allow our customers to securely connect their classified networks to high threat networks (HTNs.) Such as unclassified networks connecting to the internet.  Everfox works very closely with government partners to make sure that we fully address their concerns and requirements. Developing some emerging innovative technology for smaller formats and ease of deployments in tactical environments. 

With the recent separation from Forcepoint and the creation of Everfox, we are now in an optimal position to innovate and support our customers and their missions around the world.

“Everfox customers can come to one place to meet all their cross domain solution needs.  We connect the unconnectable” – George Kamis, CTO, Everfox

There is a lot of buzz regarding AI in the press. Unlike other tech buzz words from the recent past. This seems to have the most potential for accelerating technology to the next level. The biggest challenge will be how to leverage that technology in a closed environment to include classified environments. Getting data to those AI compute platforms is critical for their success and accuracy.  Cross Domain Solutions is a critical enabler that brings data at different classification levels to those AI platforms.

We are also moving forward with our Content Disarm & Reconstruction capabilities. CDR allows for the sanitation of complex files that can be used to carry malware. By cleansing and rebuilding the file into a new clean representation of the original file, we greatly reduce the risk of exposure to malware and zero-day attacks that will protect the AI models and platforms with clean and relevant data.

What’s your biggest cyber concern for 2024 and how is Everfox positioned to help?

There are always concerns about the increased threat to Cross Domain Solutions. By working closely with the US government and our Five Eyes (FVEY) government partners (opens a new window). Everfox strive to stay ahead of any adversary. Their guidance along with their continuously increasing security requirements can be very challenging to meet, and we’ve demonstrated in the past that we are committed to building the securest products possible.  We also stay abreast to the threat and continue to evolve our security mechanisms through innovation.  A good example of this work is the addition of our Content Disarm and Reconstruction filter to our Cross Domain systems. Everfox’s Cross Domain Solutions are designed to support the unique and complex missions and objectives undertaken by those who protect national security. We connect the unconnectable. We support thousands of government agencies and commercial users worldwide with solutions that deliver the utmost security for access and transfer of information.

Everfox solutions enable easier collaboration, better mission decisions in real time, and faster innovation.