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Today's Digital Landscape

In today’s digital landscape, malicious content poses an ever-increasing threat and protection around the movement of data is more important than ever. Within the current cybersecurity market, a heavy reliance is placed on detection-based technologies such as Antivirus and Sandboxing to attempt to deal with this threat.

However, these detection technologies are no longer able to stand up against the modern threat actors, relying on reactive malware defences. Detection technologies rely on updating malware signature records after the malware is identified. Giving the attacker a, sometimes large, time window between when the malware is identified and when the cybersecurity software is updated. To overcome this, a proactive and layered approach to defeating malicious data is needed.

Kiteworks (opens a new window)and Everfox (opens a new window)have partnered together to provide a secure and simple Managed File Transfer mechanism. Allowing users to share content securely and safely, while ensuring data purity as well as being industry compliant.

Everfox Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) software is an innovative approach to defeating all types of content born malware, eliminating known and unknown types of malware. CDR offers a proactive defence to defeating malware, ensuring that users are protected today against tomorrow’s threats without needing to know what they are.

The Kiteworks Managed File Transfer solution enables efficient and secure information exchange, helping businesses comply with regulations and standards. Kiteworks secure managed file transfer is engineered for security, governance, and simplicity. 

Protecting the Data

To defend against malicious content and covert data exfiltration. Everfox CDR technology operates without depending on detection to assess whether files carry potential threats. It doesn’t attempt to make educated guesses about the inherent nature of specific content being good or bad. Instead, Everfox’s threat protection solutions place no trust in any content. Increasing the safety of file sharing by sending them through a distinctive process known as CDR transformation. This approach effectively neutralizes any potentially malicious content embedded in documents and images, offering robust protection against even zero-day attacks.

Protecting the Data Flow

When providing security solutions, it is important to ensure that solutions are not only secure but seamless to the end users. Ensuring that users do not try and circumvent the security protections and find an alternative way of moving data. Which, in turn, could leave an organization open to attack or accidental leakage of information.

With Kiteworks Managed File Transfer (MFT) (opens a new window), organizations can access data wherever it’s stored. - In folders, file shares, repositories, and cloud stores, with access, monitoring and recovery all managed through a single GUI.

The Kiteworks MFT is enhanced with the use of Everfox CDR to ensure the data being uploaded and downloaded from Kiteworks is free of malware and safe for the users. When a user uploads a file to a Kiteworks folder, that data is automatically sent through the Everfox CDR process using the inbuilt Kiteworks Flows. This process is transparent to the user and takes a fraction of a second to process the data without any noticeable difference to the information or the usability of the file.

Looking Forward

In this constant evolving landscape, the cybersecurity solutions we rely on also need to be able to handle evolving threats. Cybersecurity solutions not only need to be able to defend an organization and its users against cyber threats but also be self-defending, ensuring the security solution is protected as well. 

With Kiteworks and Everfox CDR partnered together, organizations can be assured that their data and users are safe from the malware threats of today and tomorrow.

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