Protecting New Horizons with Cross Domain Solutions 

Jill Bradshaw - Everfox
Jill Bradshaw
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Secure Data Transfer

The Russian attack on the Viasat satellite constellation (opens a new window) in February of 2022, that knocked out communications across Ukraine on the eve of Russia’s renewed invasion is an example of how the cyber landscape we must protect is evolving.

You can't have Space Force without space cyber. 

Space Development Agency is currently developing a Proliferated Warfighter Space Architecture, which involves seven layers, including a mesh network of hundreds of optically interconnected satellites in orbit that make up its "transport" layer. There will also be tracking, custody, deterrence, navigation, battle management and support layers. 

SDA 7 Layers (opens a new window)

SDA 7 Layers

Confidentiality, data integrity and availability (sometimes referred to as the CIA Triad) are very important as technology is deployed to space to protect national interests.  Cybersecurity solutions deployed protecting new space infrastructure will support decreasing potential catastrophic system failures, protecting space exploration information gathering missions for assuring retention of critical, expensive to obtain data, support protecting autonomous space vehicles and platforms and therefore reducing risk of a costly accidents and/or even loss of life, and help guard against Space Critical Infrastructure failure (Systems, Comms, Power, Transportation) for increasing human and vehicle safety and for decreasing risks and total cost of ownership. 

Space Systems Command (SSC) is partnering with industry to develop and integrate a Zero Trust security architecture across the entire space operational enterprise (opens a new window) from terrestrial assets to orbiting satellites and everything in between. Protecting these space-based communications, especially in terms of size, weight, and of course power is very complex.

Cross Domain Solutions in Deep Space

Cross Domain Solutions support the access and transfer of information between multiple domains and sensitive environments.  Cross Domain Transfer Guards ensure files and data get where they are needed when they are needed without risk of compromise through mistakes or portable media, enable organizations to centralize where data is stored - be that in a datacenter, the cloud or a hybrid of the two. Cross Domain Access solutions enable secure access to mission-critical resources and data on multiple networks at various classification levels from a single endpoint device, even remotely. Anywhere the mission requires access, Cross Domain Access Solutions can connect you with no trace of data left on the device.

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