Securely Access & Move Data Between Networks



Fortifying networks against cyber threats.

Secure data transfer solutions are crucial in today's digital landscape to safeguard sensitive information and preserve integrity of organizational operations. With cyber threats constantly evolving, ensuring the secure transmission of data is paramount to prevent unauthorized access, data breaches and information leakage.

  • Guarded data transfer

    Granular and highly configurable security policies let you control sources/destination, classification and data type for organizations, departments and even individuals.

  • Secure one-way communication

    Use automated data feeds to get information into or out of an isolated system whilst preserving the essential isolation that protects against cyber attack.

  • Hardware-enforced security

    Transfer data between networks over bi-directional protocols with the same absolute security as a uni-directional gateway – but with none of the drawbacks.

Advantages for Secure Data Transfer

Implementing secure data transfer measures helps organizations comply with data protection regulations and industry standards. Additionally, it safeguards information from interception, eavesdropping and manipulation by malicious actors, reducing the risk of data breaches and cyber attacks.
Secure data transfer enhances operational efficiency, instils peace of mind and demonstrates a commitment to protecting sensitive information.


Hardsec Data Transfer Solutions

High Speed Verifier (HSV)

High assurance hardware-enforced security for air-gapped networks.

Everfox High Speed Verifier (HSV) combines the best of diodes with the added benefits of dual one-way data transfer and built in threat removal. Built for customers that need to ensure data integrity and more secure twoway communication, Everfox HSV combines the best of data transfer solutions with the added benefits of dual one-way data transfer and builtin threat removal.

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Data Guard

Secure data and file transfer between physically separated networks.

Global organizations must protect sensitive data from internal and external threats, including unauthorized access, espionage, and cyberattacks. Everfox Data Guard provides defense-grade data control at scale. Our solution leverages a trusted operating system and security policies that enforce role and process separation and isolation for automated, byte-level content inspection and sanitization. Customizable rules enable you to handle even the most specialized data types and protocols.

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Cropped Chip Board

Data Diode

Uncompromised one-way data transfer.

Everfox Data Diode supports global regulatory standards and Raise The Bar (RTB) guidelines while enabling rapid, automated data transfer and are designed to work with networks of all sizes. By providing a protocol break, our Data Diodes are a Protocol Filtering Device (PFD) as defined by NCDSMO’s (opens a new window) Raise The Bar.

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Key ways that Everfox delivers secure data transfer: