Providing Defense-Grade Control Over Data Transfer.⁠


Secure data and file transfer between physically separated networks.

Global organizations must protect sensitive data from internal and external threats, including unauthorized access, espionage, and cyberattacks. Defense-grade control over data transfers can help.

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    Highly customizable

    Designed to evolve with your environment’s challenges. The highly flexible and customizable structure ensures you can monitor and control any future data types and devices.

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    Secure Data Transfer

    Everfox Data Guard enables secure data and file transfers between otherwise disconnected networks. Supporting both structured and unstructured data to meet your organizational needs.

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    High Assurance Inspection & Sanitization

    Delivers byte-level deep content inspection, data validation and filtering that can be tailored to customer-specific security policies, requirements and risk.

Why Choose Everfox Data Guard?

  • Meet regulatory standards

    Use Everfox Data guard to enable the secure uni-or bidirectional, automated movement of data and files between multiple separate, air gapped networks, domains or enclaves.

  • Data security assurance

    Everfox Data Guard stands as a fortress by implementing a secure approach to data movement. Its robust security policies ensure the integrity and confidentiality of data during transit. This is crucial in today's landscape where data breaches pose significant threats, making Data Guard an essential component for safeguarding sensitive information.

  • Security simplified

    Data Guard is designed to evolve as the demands on your environment change. Thanks to its highly flexible and customizable rule- and policy-based structure, Data Guard ensures an organizations ability to monitor and control any future data types and devices.

  • Efficient data transfer

    Data Guard's rule engine, equipped with APIs, ensures efficient data transfer. By providing a rule-driven approach, it enables organizations to handle multiple rich data types with precision. This not only expedites the transfer process but also enhances control and accuracy, contributing to the overall efficiency of organizational data operations.

Securing critical business systems & data


Comply with Common Criteria EAL4+

Data Guard complies with common criteria EAL4+, providing assurance that the specification, implementation, and evaluation of Everfox Data Guard has been conducted at a level matching its target use. This gives you the confidence that the Data Guard meets regulatory standards while enabling secure uni-or bidirectional, automated movement.


Providing defense-grade control over data transfers.

Everfox Data Guard provides defense-grade data control at scale. Our solution leverages a trusted operating system and security policies that enforce role and process separation and isolation for automated, byte-level content inspection and sanitization. Customizable rules enable you to handle even the most specialized data types and protocols.

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