Single Device  Access to Multiple Domains⁠.


Access multiple classified networks.

Agencies today must efficiently and securely access multiple sensitive networks, simultaneously, to perform their mission.

Everfox Trusted Thin Client (TTC) provides scalable secure access to multiple networks, at various classification levels, from a single device across multiple monitors.

  • Scale access to critical data

    Easily scale to over 60 networks and over 100,000 users. Implement anywhere critical data must be accessed.

  • Raise the Bar and NCDSMO baseline solution

    Trusted Thin Client supports your efforts to meet the most stringent security requirements. Exceeds Authorization and Accreditation (A&A), NIST guidelines, Raise-the-Bar requirements, and common criteria guidelines.

  • Reduce Costs and Achieve ROI

    Significantly decrease infrastructure footprint and costs. Achieve significant return on investment (ROI) through lower ownership costs in OEM, infrastructure, space, power consumption, maintenance, and administration.

Access Mission-Critical Resources From Anywhere

  • Achieve the mission

    Provide connectivity to hundreds of domains at one or more sensitivity levels to enable operations, even remotely.

  • Support broad authentication

    Use Common Access Card (CAC), SAC, and SIPRtokn, smartcards for identity management and access authorization to Microsoft Windows servers.

  • Manage multiple endpoint devices

    Implement thin client software on a virtual machine residing on a host operating system or on other mediums (e.g. thin client hardware, PCs, hybrid devices).

  • Scale operations radically

    Implement in traditional office environments, large operations centers, in the field, in-theater, forward operating bases, in tactical vehicles, ship and aloft— anywhere critical data must be accessed and shared.

Everfox Trusted Thin Client Remote
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Everfox's COTS Access and Transfer Cross Domain Solutions are recognized by the US NCDSMO.

Everfox Cross Domain Solutions have a proven track record of proactively preventing organizations from compromise, with less hardware and overhead. Our Trusted Thin Client and High Speed Guard are among the widest deployed CDS within the DoD, IC, and Civilian Federal Government.



"With Everfox, end users can access various networks through a single, monitored client or workstation. Not only is this more efficient for users, but we can maintain our highest level of security."

System engineer, Department of Defense

"A DoD IC customer reduced services centers for classified networks from 20 to 3"

System engineer, Department of Defense

"An IC agency realized a 268% ROI using Trusted Thin Client"

System engineer, Department of Defense