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Malware protection for email, file transfers, web application services and beyond.

Everfox Information eXchange (iX) supports information exchange while keeping networks separate. Removes threats and enables secure transfer of email, web API traffic, files and activity logs.

  • Digitally pure data

    Everfox’s content transformation technology assumes every document or image contains a threat. It intercepts the content and re-creates it, destroying threats. Only safe content travels end-to-end.

  • Comprehensive malware protection

    iX operates inline at the network perimeter to eliminate potential malware in business content, including unstructured formats like Office, PDF and structured data like XML, JSON.

  • Hardware logic verification

    For systems that face the most sophisticated threats and require hardsec protection. Two iX servers can be deployed, connected via an Everfox High Speed Verifier (HSV)

Why Choose Everfox Information EXchange?

  • Stop advanced & zero-day threats

    Everfox iX uses unique Content Disarm & Reconstruction (CDR) technology to deliver safe threat-free content without detecting threats or isolating users from business content they need. Stop ransomware, defeat zero-day and destroy steganography exploits without relying on signatures. Even the most sophisticated, targeted attack or stealthy tactics will fail.

  • Destroy stegware

    Most forms of steganography are almost impossible to detect, with success rates at less than 20%. This is bad news for IT professionals using detection tools. The Everfox iX blocks covert infiltration of malware and leakage of sensitive data, including steganography, and smashes covert Command and Control.

  • Simple configuration

    As an off-the-shelf appliance, the iX only needs to be configured with protocol parameters, data format selection and application specific schemas for structured data. The appliance is deployed on two servers, with the proxy and CDR functionality distributed across. This reduces the attack surface and maximizes the strength of network separation.

Cyber Solutions for Critical Infrastructure

Advanced threat protection

Everfox iX handles a wide range of protocols and associated data formats, enabling advanced threat protection for email, file transfer, web applications and network/logging traffic.

Located at the network perimeter, iX operates inline to remove threats from business content and ensures web application traffic is constrained to match pre-defined schemas.