Secure Remote Access to Mission-Critical Resources

A gunner firing a BGM-71 TOW missile.

Access classified networks, remotely.

Agencies today face the immediate challenge of enabling secure remote access to mission-critical resources.

Everfox Trusted Thin Client Remote (TTC‑R) enables remote access to mission-critical resources from the comfort of home to challenging tactical environments.

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  • Anywhere Access

    View classified networks and access mission-critical resources from a device anywhere in the world.

  • Security

    Feel comfortable in knowing that your data is never stored on the device and the devices themselves are secured with multiple levels of encryption.

  • Adaptability

    From Laptops to Go-kits, take your access to resources with you in challenging and constantly changing environments.

Enable Remote Collaboration

  • Manage multiple endpoint devices

    Implement thin client software on a virtual machine residing on a host operating system or other mediums (e.g. thin client hardware, PCs, hybrid devices).

  • Scale operations rapidly everwhere

    Implement in traditional office environments, large operations centers, the field, in-theater, forward operating bases, tactical vehicles, ship and aloft— anywhere critical data must be accessed and shared.

  • Rapid reaction- anywhere in the world

    Work at the speed of operations by taking your resources with you to where the mission needs are.

Network Cyber Security
  • Accredited by the NCDSMO

    Included on the U.S. National Cross Domain Strategy Management Office (NCDSMO) Baseline for TSABI & SABI since 2001.

  • Support broad authentication

    Use Common Access Card (CAC), SAC, and SIPRtokn smartcards for identity management and access authorization to Microsoft Windows servers.

  • Continually Evolving

    Everfox understands your everchanging environments and strives to continually update our products to meet the needs of our customers in these mission-critical spaces.


"With Everfox, end users can access various networks through a single, monitored client or workstation. Not only is this more efficient for users, but we can maintain our highest level of security."

System engineer, Department of Defense

"A DoD IC customer reduced services centers for classified networks from 20 to 3"

System engineer, Department of Defense

"An IC agency realized a 268% ROI using Trusted Thin Client"

System engineer, Department of Defense

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