Secure Multi-Directional File Transfer for Segmented Networks.⁠


Share across security levels.

Everfox Trusted Gateway System delivers secure data transfers for your mission-critical files.

Share files securely with international, federal, state, and local entities across varying security and classification levels on physically separated networks with simultaneous multi-directional file movement.

  • Reliably transfer unstructured files

    Transfer PDF and Microsoft Office files between and within different classification levels to collaborate with international, federal, state, and local entities.

  • Raise the Bar initiatives

    Support your efforts to achieve breach-resilient, mission-safe architectural design that meets the U.S. Government’s Raise-the- Bar requirements.

  • Configure transfers based on policies & requirements

    Support transfers between classification levels and multiple file transfer requests, such as Two-Person Human Review, Self-Release, and Directory.

Facilitate Critical Information-Sharing Securely

  • Multi-directional support to eliminate manual processes

    Support for multi-channel, multi-directional file transfers with one system and unidirectional transfer to meet policy requirements of FVEY partners. Streamline file transfer processes and eliminate “sneakernet” air gap risks inherent to portable media.

  • Robust and flexible administration

    System and security administrators perform administration, monitoring and auditing from the server. Set and view policy rules, configurations, and administrative status with a built-in visualization tool. Robust archive and audit management with centralized event logging. Accommodate different environmental requirements with flexible network configurations.

  • Secure solution for a range of formats

    Employs enhanced verification, inspection, sanitization, and transformation filters. Further reduce infrastructure cost with Everfox Trusted Print Delivery and Trusted Mail System.

Increase security while reducing costs

  • 239%

    ROI (Forrester)

  • 13

    Months to realize payback (Forrester)

  • 22+

    Supported domains


Without Trusted Gateway System, to achieve an air gap, we would have to use the type of media you can just walk out the door with.

Senior Integration Engineer

The Trusted Gateway System is so much an ingrained part of our day-to-day operation that it's very difficult to imagine supporting our mission without it - there's no practical alternative

Senior Integration Engineer, DoD Intelligence Officer

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