Deep Content Inspection

Guarding against threats.

Protect your organization from accidental data loss and known malware infiltration at the network boundary.

  • Defends with precision.

    Everfox policy engine guard shields against malware and data loss, prioritising your business content’s safety.

  • Fortify your defenses.

    Intercept content at the boundary, employing deep content inspection (DCI) to detect known threats and prevent accidental data loss.

  • Market leading protection.

    The policy engine guard identifies security labels in emails or web uploads/downloads, ensuring unparalleled protection for your organizations sensitive information.

Why Choose Everfox Policy Engine Guard?

  • Deep content inspection

    Elevate your security with our Policy Engine Guard. Positioned at the boundary, it employs Deep Content Inspection (DCI) to detect threats and prevent data loss. Unwrapping embedded content reveals a comprehensive data picture. Uncertified data types are blocked, ensuring risk prevention. Malformed and encrypted data, along with application services traffic, undergo stringent checks to ensure adherence to predefined schemas.

  • Stop malware infiltration in content

    Unleash connectivity with Policy Engine Guard. Deployable on the Everfox Bastion platform, it bridges previously unconnectable networks, maintaining strong separation to prevent attacks or leaks. Connect with confidence, breaking barriers and transforming networks previously deemed unconnectable into seamlessly integrated systems.

  • Granular policies

    Revolutionize content security with the Policy Engine Guard. Deployable in SMTP, X.400,HTTP, and HTTPS, it ensures consistent organization-wide policies. A graphical console simplifies modeling and enforcing security policies, offering highly granular control based on source, destination, user group, content type, data type, label phrase, and encryption status.

Network Cyber Security

Safeguard against data loss

Everfox policy engine guard ensures tight control over business content crossing boundaries in email, web or file transfers.

Elevate your data security with the policy engine guard, shielding organizations from accidental loss. Ideal for organizations that want to tightly control business content across boundaries, ensuring robust defense against malware and data loss.