Data Security that Can't be Compromised.⁠


High assurance hardware-enforced security for air-gapped networks.

Everfox High Speed Verifier (HSV) combines the best of diodes with the added benefits of dual one-way data transfer and built in threat removal.

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Everfox vs. the Competition

Why Choose Everfox HSV?

  • Suitable for governments, defence and top-secret systems

    As a bidirectional data verifier, the way the Everfox High Speed Verifier (HSV) conveys information hides the attack surface of the destination server. Making it suitable for protecting Government, Defense and Top-Secret systems.

  • HardSec device

    The Everfox HSV is a hardsec device that connects two networks together. It implements a protocol break and data break entirely in hardware logic. Meaning no software vulnerabilities can undermine the control it imposes.

  • Non-bypassable verification

    The HSV natively supports modern Web applications and protocols making it easy to transfer data across the electronic air gap without needing to write bespoke converters or connectors.

  • Hardware logic data break

    HSV logic verifier deals with a simple protocol and data format for structured data. Application protocols and data formats are converted by software, but logic verifies the simple protocol is followed, and the data meets the strong application-defined constraints. Data received is never delivered, assuring a data break.

  • Upgrade and enjoy unparalleled performance

    Replace cumbersome and inflexible traditional data diodes with a diskless solution that verifies data crossing the electronic air gap is threat-free at near line speed.

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Safe, threat-free content

The HSV uses verification in the hardware logic (FPGA architecture) to ensure that the destination network only receives safe, valid data, preventing a malware attack. The HSV extracts the valid business information from files, verifies the extracted information is well-structured and then builds brand new files to carry the information.



We chose Everfox HSVs and Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) to help us ensure Web and email communications between different security domains are always malware-free.

Veerachak Sachdev, Managing Director at AML Systems

Everfox has been a trusted mission partner of the U.S. Government for over two decades, relied on not just for products, but to enable the mission.

Major General Joe Brendler, U.S. Army (Retired)

Ultimately, we chose Everfox CDR because of its reputation and the elegant simplicity of the solution.

Paul Martin, Director, ALTA Registry