Infinite Security, One Data Flow.⁠


Uncompromised one-way data transfer.

Organizations globally need to share data across oceans, battlefields, and offices, rapidly and securely. Meanwhile regulations have dictated hardware-based data separation and one-directional data flow.

  • Safeguard one-way data flow

    Designed to create boundaries between trusted & untrusted networks. Quickly and reliably gather and share data across oceans, battlefields, and offices with Everfox Data Diodes.

  • Meet regulatory standards

    Use hardware-based diodes to create source and destination separation, ensuring you comply with regulations that require one-directional data flow with physical separation.

  • Lower total cost of ownership

    Eliminate expensive and time-consuming manual data transfers. Everfox Data Diodes are easy to deploy and require little-to-no ongoing maintenance, reducing operating costs year over year.

Why Choose Everfox Data Diode?

  • Decades of experience in data security

    The Everfox Data Diode is based on decades of experience in building Cross Domain Solutions to help organizations mitigate malware reach-back and data exfiltration. It eliminates expensive and time-consuming manual data transfers while meeting various compliance and regulatory standards. Making it the ideal choice for threat- and compliance-focused deployments.

  • Safeguard communications between system integrators and regulated industries

    Send data from a secured segment to external systems and users (e.g. the cloud, a remote monitoring facility, regulatory bodies) without any risk of creating an external threat vector.

  • Simplifies configuration, operation and monitoring

    Everfox’s Intuitive Configuration Interface makes configuration easy. Users can also combine diodes with your existing Cross Domain Solutions and Everfox Data Guard technologies.

  • Customization and protection of sensitive data sharing

    > Optimized pitcher-catcher software is highly customizable and diodes are available for any specific protocol or data type.

    > Non-routable data transfer routes data to a higher sensitivity network and that there is minimal risk of data coming back out of that network.

  • Secure hardware components for your Cross Domain Solution

    Data diode enhances your Cross Domain Solutions by enforcing one-way data transfer for uncompromising network and security. For organizations that require hardware-based data separation and one-directional flow.

Securing Sustainable Solutions


Controlled, unidirectional data flow for unassailable security to support compliance.

The Data Diode creates a physical boundary between source and destination networks that permits the unidirectional directional flow of data but is otherwise separated. This air gap between networks uses the laws of physics to ensure that networks are safe from attacks, malware, and other threats.

Everfox Data Diodes support global regulatory standards and Raise The Bar (RTB) guidelines while enabling rapid, automated data transfer and are designed to work with networks of all sizes. By providing a protocol break, our Data Diodes are a Protocol Filtering Device (PFD) as defined by NCDSMO’s (opens a new window) Raise The Bar.

Everfox Data Diode is designed for use in highly secure environments, by implementing key stages to UK National Cyber Security Centre’s (NCSC) design patterns for Safely Importing Data and Safely Exporting Data (opens a new window)


Unidirectional Confidence in Data Protection.

Everfox Data Diode is configurable for simplified operations and maintenance while offering security, flexibility, usability, and reduced total cost of ownership. Enabling rapid, unidirectional, automated transfer of highly complex data to segment and protect networks, devices, and other digital assets (including databases, historians, SCADA, PLCs, DCS, and more) from external cyber threats.

The Everfox Data Diode can also be configured for bi-directional use, as additional diodes can be easily deployed for increased throughput.