Centralized Management for Your Cross Domain Solutions.⁠


Centralized management and control

Seamlessly manage your Cross Domain Solutions from a single dashboard with Control Center.

Everfox Control Center empowers government agencies and users to manage their innovative, defense-level Everfox Cross Domain Solutions efficiently from a single centralized console.

  • Industry Leading Solutions

    Consistently selected across federal agencies, Department of Defense, Intelligence Community, Law Enforcement agencies and Enterprise Cross Domain Service Providers.

  • Centralized Management

    Control Center provides centralized management of Trusted Gateway System (TGS) and High Speed Guard (HSG).

  • Supports Raise the Bar Requirements

    Everfox Trusted Gateway System (TGS) & Everfox High Speed Guard (HSG) support your efforts to achieve a breach-resilient, mission-safe architectural design that meet the US NCDSMO (National Cross Domain Strategy Management Office) Raise the Bar requirements.

Efficiently Manage Cross Domain Solutions

  • Configuration and control management with one dashboard

    Simultaneously manage updates, commands, and controls for multiple Everfox HSG and Everfox TGS, all from one dashboard. An easy-to-use interface eliminates the need for Linux knowledge. Simplify management of system and security roles with the Intuitive CLI or GUI interfaces and leverage LDAP on admin servers.

  • Customized workflows and log views

    Centralized configuration management and audit log reviews make it easy to quickly assess and adjust your workflows to match your mission. Seamless health and status checks of all CDS solutions by viewing health and status of configured guard devices using SNMP.

  • Update guards with push/pull configurations

    Save time by deploying updates to multiple guards at once—without the need for hands-on adjustments of each device. You have the ability to pull, push, and apply guard configuration changes from one control center.

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