Transform Your Cyber Challenges into Triumphs.⁠

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Unparalleled protection for web users.

Extend the capability of your perimeter web defense with the Everfox Gateway eXtension (GX). Ensure complete protection from the ever-increasing onslaught of known, zero-day, and unknown content threats.

  • Enhanced security control

    With on-premises hardware.

  • Real time protection

    Against zero-day and advanced attacks.

  • Monitoring and analysis

    Everfox off-box logging feature empowers you to efficiently track and review system activities.

Why Everfox Gateway eXtension?

  • Extend your web perimeter defenses

    Existing perimeter web defenses (web gateways and firewalls) are failing to cope with the onslaught of known, unknown, and zero-day threats concealed in business documents and images. Extend the capability of your perimeter web defense using the Everfox GX to completely remove these threats.

  • No more content threats

    Eliminate zero-day content threats with the Everfox GX, utilizing our Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) service to consistently deliver secure, threat-free content. Ensure safety without the need to detect or isolate users from essential business content, thwarting ransomware, defeating zero-day threats, and neutralizing steganography exploits, all without relying on signatures.

  • Seamless integration with your existing defenses

    As part of Everfox CDR solutions for web, the GX collaborates with your existing perimeter web defenses, secure web gateways, next-generation firewalls, and web application firewalls using the ICAP protocol. Providing a cost-effective pathway to comprehensive protection against content-borne threats.

Regulated Industries Cyber Products

Enhanced forensic analysis built to meet your needs

Provides in-depth data analytics. View business documents and images rendered threat-free in real time. A steganography section indicates probable stegware presence.

Observe browsing behavior with drilldowns. “Before and after” views let SOC teams perform forensic investigation and hold users accountable. Auditing and logging can be routed to the data lake and SIEM.