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Everfox Application eXchange (AX) is a set of APIs developers can use to access our Content Disarm and Reconstruction-as-a-Service (CDRaaS) and integrate it into workflows and applications.

  • Why AX APIs?

    Using Everfox APIs, you simply pass a document from an untrusted source to our content transformation engine and get a threat-free document in near real time!

  • How Do AX APIs work?

    Valid information is extracted from the source document. The original is discarded, leaving behind threats and the resulting document is delivered threat-free to the destination.

  • Digitally pure content

    The CDR engine transforms Office, PDF, image files and more, removing evasive, zero-day malware, known and unknown threats. Eliminating even steganography threats often concealed in images.

3 Variants Of API

  • The Instant API (AWS-Instant)

    Enables simple uploading and immediate downloading, doesn’t require any additional infrastructure and is suitable for content under 5MB.

  • The Async API (AWS-Async)

    Supports file sizes up to 250MB and more complex content. It enables large files to be processed and allows more advanced scenarios such as uploading from one system and then downloading the safe content from a separate system.

  • The S3 API (AWS-S3)

    Lets us pull and push content from and to your S3 buckets. Just tell us how to access them, and we’ll do the rest.

Implementing Principles for Cross Domain Solutions
API Comparrison Chart

Which API do I need?